Bella Hadid Is Killing It Right Now

Pic Credit: Elle magazine 

Pic Credit: Elle magazine 

How much do we love Bella Hadid? Let us count the ways...

While big sis Gigi has been busy shaking up the catwalks and making pals with T-Swift, Bella Hadid has quietly grafted away, becoming one of the coolest – and most underrated – models around. But not for much longer. It looks like 2017 is set to be the year that Bella takes the world by storm. 

She's not just the girl that sometimes hung out with the Jenner sisters – she's now a meme-creating Victoria's Secrets Angel, Dior beauty ambassador and Calvin Klein muse. 

But what really solidified our love for her was seeing her splashed across the cover of the first volume of Teen Vogue's now-quarterly print edition. Here at Two Birds, we're never not inspired by the work Elaine Welteroth and her team are doing over at Vogue's sister publication.  Basically everything they touch turn to gold.

So are you ready to meet the modelling world's new golden girl? 

Firsts things first  – her style. From ballet-buns to 90s crop tops and slouchy sportswear, you name it, Bella nailed it.

w704 (1).jpg

I photogenic can one person be? 

And cute? Look how cute! 

Anyone that can even make a patent baker boy cap look this good is a goddess in my book. 

Anyone that knows Two Birds knows we love a nip-slip. And seriously, have nude nipples ever looked so CHIC?  On anyone else a sheer two-piece would look trashy AF but on Bella, it looks anything but. This stunning silver gown was created by Dior. It's all our future nip-slips could hope for. 

Basically, Bella rules us all. Our goal for 2017? #bemorebella. 

Image credit: @bellahadid