Mum Week: Act Like A Mum


Last year, after a series of unfortunate news hit my family, I had a discussion with my mum about what I would do on Mother's Day when she wouldn't be around anymore. At the time, we thought my mum had very little time left with us, and so it seemed a fairly rational conversation to have. How do you approach Mother's Day if your mum can no longer be there with you for it? The flowers, the cards, all the hubbub was overwhelming  - and this was a good 9 months before Mother's Day was even occurring again (plus before anything had even actually happened to my mum). 

Mum told me that I should look to others who maybe don't have families, others who had lost parents or our family friends who I look up to as maternal figures, and treat them to something nice on the big day. It's a very motherly sentiment - that even in our time of need, Mum would be thinking of others and how they would feel on Mother's Day. It would always be a bit of a shit but maybe if we looked to others who may also be suffering on the day, we could create a kind of community and share in the feelings. 

Luckily for me, doctors have so far been proven wrong about my mum and Sunday's Mothers Day will be our 25th to tick off the list together - that being said, I'm actually on holiday in Canada so I'll be loving my mum from afar. I've got it covered though. Flowers, dvds and a mothers day cake are all making their way to Mum right this second. But if I'm really honest, and I'm really thinking about Mother's Day, I'm still thinking about that community of people who may be finding the day really difficult, who maybe couldn't have children or have lost a child or who's mothers have passed away. If the past year has taught me anything, it's that the characteristics of motherhood - the caring, the kindness, the love - are things that should be celebrated and aspired to year-round. Create a community. Spread that love and kindness. OBVIOUSLY think of your fantastic mum on Mother's Day, but also think of those others who may not be finding the day quite so easy to swallow. I'm sure if you asked your mum, that's the advice she would give you too.

Here's a link to Bloom & Wild to deliver flowers within 24 hours to anywhere in the UK if you're feeling a bit generous this Mother's Day/a bit unorganised and yet to sort out a gift for your mum or your community.