Bare It All - See Ya Later Tights

When everyone is instagramming blossom, drinking in parks and coming into work with dreadful tshirt tans, you can be sure of one thing. Spring is here, in a big way, and with the wearability of spring/summer trends this year (stripes hi, florals hello, floaty dresses hola), there's no excuse for not lobbing yourself straight into it. But alas - wait a moment. That trickery bugger that is the British sun is a confusing beast.

Last weekend, as we were looking at temperatures of 20 degrees, I BANISHED my black tights to the back of the wardrobe. Its one of my favourite moments of the spring season - having already chucked all my woolliest jumpers and hats to the unreachable cupboard for at least six months, the so long to my slithery friends was the final au reviour to winter and hola to spring/summer. Upon reflection, that might have been a bit hasty. It's still April and as we learned last year, the weather in the UK can be super confusing round this time of year. I commend you to do the same though - now's the time to embrace your spring/summer wardrobe and chucking the tights is just the first step. Here are our top tips to going full throtal on bare legs, and saying goodbye once and foreall to the winter darkness.

1) Prep your legs.

Shave your legs. Wax em.  Fake tan 'em. Or don't. Seriously. Whatever you want to do to prep your legs for the sun is absolutely your business and no one elses. I like to shave my legs ( I like feeling like a slippery dolphin hybrid in the sheets sometimes) but I know plenty of people who can't be arsed, and the fact remains that I'd rather spend my time frolicking in the sun than stuck in my stinky mouldy bathroom, trying not to slice open my ankle and bleed everywhere.

2) Always pack a jumper.

Forget diamonds - jumpers are a girls best friend. In this transitional period, a jacket can feel a little hefty to lug about, or a bit sticky if actually worn. Enter The Jumper - my favourite, as pretty much everyone knows, are the cashmere kind which you can buy from the vintage shops in Glasgow (costing less than £10 last time I checked). Chuck it on and feel cosy, even if your legs are covered in goosebumps. You can snuggle up into it later.

3) The right shoes/socks.

Kick it in trainers or Doc Martens or that beautiful little pair that you brought in the Asos Christmas sale but haven't had time to even look at. Shoe/sock combo is vital and I always think it's soo much easier to do this in summer than winter.

4) Be bold.

Be aware - going bare so early in the year is probably going to ruffle some feathers and attract commentary from some, who will see it as their responsibility to inform you it's far too cold to be ditching the hosiery. Fear not ladies. You are a wise woman. In my case I am Editor of a magazine, double masters extrodinare and worldwide traveller. Even if it appears like I'm shivering in the queue for the bus, I have no qualms about my fashion choices.