The Bathroom Is The Place To Be At The Met

Time has passed enough for us to look at the MET with reflection and joy. While last year I was hustling at 4am to check out the latest outfits as the celebs stepped out onto the red carpet, this time around I waited. I watched Insta stories of models smoking in bathrooms and polaroid pics which take vintage fetishism to a whole new place. The red carpet is no longer the place to be seen - we want to see WITHIN the event, the high glamour, the Great Gatsby....Kirsty and I took a peek at our absolute favourites, and the exclusive pictures that we find luxurious were the behind the scenes jazz. Thank god for Frank Ocean and Daniel Arnoud - without them, we'd never have these BTS jewels. Take a look at our absolute favourites, and comments below:


Bella: So I'm going to be running into my ex with his new gf for the first time... Alex Wang: Say no more, fam. 

Sienna serving us Season 1 Serena van der Woodsen with a nod to Kate Moss and her own boho loving days. Basically, she's giving the people what they want. 

Dakota Johnson giving us less 50 shades of grey and more 50 black frills. And you know what? We're not mad at it. 


If everyone could stop bashing Ri for actually following the memos.

I'm pretty sure the Olsen Twins are my spirit animals.

Why does Hailey Baldwin suddenly look so chic in everything? Hashtag BAFFLED